Executive Development Strategies

Learn key techniques to increase employee productivity, to effectively hire the best workers, and to successfully manage your time.

Career Roadmapping

Get laser focused on the parts of your Leadership career that is not bringing in promotions or growth. Devise a plan that will provide action steps to reaching your personal, professional and corporate goals.

Leadership Coaching

We offer leadership coaching & development programs in both English & Spanish for personal and corporate markets, to allow you to learn in the language that you are most comfortable.

Global Profiles Group, LLC. is a leadership development boutique firm, focused on serving managers, business owners, and professionals with proven tools to increase their leadership edge.
We have been providing leadership development to organizations and individuals around the world since 1999.  
We are fully committed to the development and growth of our clients.   
We help hire and develop your “dream team,” as we provide them with hands-on tools to create tangible results.

Were You Born a Leader or Did You Become One?

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Career Professionals: Increase your Leadership Brand Visibility using LinkedIn

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Have you EVER Assessed your Personal Brand?

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Improve your Leadership Competencies and take your career to the next level.

“In this new business age, leaders need a roadmap for continuous improvement.  Training and Coaching is a MUST to create sustainable career results, today.”

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