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Fay A. Lawrence A., MBA, ITF, is an internationally recognized Transformational Master Trainer, Executive Coach, and Career/Leadership Strategist. She co-authored The Facilitator’s Toolkit and authored her soon to be released book, From Flawed to Flourishing: How to Transform Your Weaknesses Into Your Greatest Strengths.

Fay’s dynamic and hands on approach to learning provides her attendees with tools and strategies to become stronger leaders, reach higher levels of performance and discover opportunities for growth. Her unique training techniques have created platforms to develop leaders, present programs and facilitate groups around the world since 1992. As the Executive Vice-President of a global non-profit and a Leadership Master Trainer/Coach for numerous international companies, Fay infuses her management and leadership experience with her passion for inspiring others to become the best versions of themselves while embracing their unique gifts. She is a passionate believer that continuous development is the key to growth and success.
She is the Founder and CEO of Global Profiles Group (GPG), LLC. a firm she designed after leaving the Department of Defense as a civilian in search of new and exciting opportunities for growth through entrepreneurship. GPG is dedicated to organizational consulting and talent development for organizations (big and small) around the world. The main focus is on leadership and team development as the key components of a strong organization.
Fay has been in the forefront of people development and, as such, she has created and presented more than 20,000 hours of creative training programs in English and Spanish on four continents. Some of the countries she has facilitated and presented to are Philippines, Japan, France, Finland, Cameroun, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Dominica, Bermuda, Antigua, Aruba, Curacao, Ecuador, Colombia, Martinique, St. Kitts, Barbados, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Panama and the United States.



USAID, United Nations, U.S. Army, JCI, Fedex, 

HSBC, Ersnt & Young, AVON, GoodYear, La Prensa, Felipe Rodriguez, SONY, Coca Cola, Star Contact, Sitel, Banco General, Superintendencia de Bancos, Cable and Wireless, Autoridad del Canal de Panama, Morgan & Morgan, Banco Cuscatlan, Global Bank, Fiesta Casino, Banco Nacional, Aero Casillas, Fiesta Casino,Termica Noreste, Viajes Fidanque.



  •  Associate Professor at the University of Panama School of Business
  •  Coordinated Strategic Planning Conferences for the United Nations Program (Panama, U.S., Army South, and HSBC)
  • Led the Quality and Reengineering Department for the U.S. Army South for 7 years
  • Co-created the Quality Advisor’s Training Program
  • Deployed the Army Performance Improvement Criteria (APIC) throughout the Command (Malcolm Baldrige Award equivalent)
  • Co-Authored “The Facilitators Toolkit”
  • Co-Authored the Army Communities of Excellence Award for the U.S. Army South
  • Author of the soon to be released book, From Flawed to Flourishing: How to Transform Your Weaknesses into Your Greatest Strengths.



  • Best Instructor for the Americas for the Junior Chamber International (JCI)
  • Best Instructor in Panama for the Junior Chamber International (JCI)
  • Coordinated the 1st Nationwide Job Fair (more than 10,000 attendees)
  • Excellence Award Winner for the U.S. Army South (3 consecutive years)
  • Highest Honor Award Winner for Civilian (U.S. Army)
  • Executive Vice President of the Americas International Conference (Atlanta, GA)
  • Senator for the Junior Chamber International (JCI)
  • Member of Association for Talent Development (ATD), ASQ, Toastmasters International, National
  • Association of African Americans (NAAAHR-GNY)