Career Professionals: Increase your Leadership Brand Visibility using LinkedIn

By October 25, 2017Featured, Human Resources

Yes, you can increase your leadership brand using LinkedIn. What would it do for you? You can be seen and considered as an influencer or expert. When seen as such in a social media platform like LinkedIn, you will increase your negotiation power and the view your current employer or prospective employers see you. How?
Become searchable, the easiest way to be searchable on LinkedIn is changing your URL. Customize your URL with your name, especially if there are other people with your name on LinkedIn. Do you need help? Watch the video below, make the changes and enjoy the benefits of being on the first page of Google.

1: Connect with other influencers and industry leaders; when you associate with leaders, you will be a leader. Take a look at your connections and assess who is in your circle? If your circle needs help, go ahead and look for people in your industry you would like to be associated with. Send them an Inmail and connect.
2: Blog, do you. You can create your own blog through your personal LinkedIn profile. Yes, you can add graphics, videos and branded information that will provide your connections with valuable information coming from you.
3: Videos, yes, people still don’t believe me. You can upload videos on LinkedIn or even create videos on the app and upload it to your profile. A word of caution, know your audience and the platform before you venture into the “wild world of videos” online.


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