Premium Programs

We provide public and in house programs.  Our programs are based on three (3) principles

1.  Adult Learning – All our programs are carefully designed to provide adults the opportunity to learn and use the information provided.  Our workshops are hands, with an active participation, we believe that although we have great and up to date information to share, our participants arrive with a plethora of information to share with others.

2.  The Human/Business Process – In every interaction, there are two levels, the human and the business side.  We ensure that our programs are designed and facilitated using this process to ensure there is an active interaction and the learning can stick.

3.  Kaizen – Our programs are reevaluated in order to provide the best value for each and every participant as well as our highly knowledgeable facilitators.


*  HR Intensive

This program was designed to provide Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners with Human Resources tools necessary to make informed decisions as you navigate through the growth and development of your company.  We will go through the process of search, hire, development and fire (when necessary) your personnel.  It will provide up to date information to ensure you don’t get caught in a difficult situation with your employees, your team or in court.

*  The Leadership Advantage System

This workshop was created to provide employees with a growth strategy.  The program has 7 steps

1.  Your Personal Strategic Planning

2.  The Power of your Personal Brand

3.  Manage the Business Protocol

4.  Communicate with Influence

5.  Develop a Strong Team (even when you are not the boss)

6.  Create Relationships that will Propel your Dream

7.  Develop your Growth with an Accountability Partner

*  Leader

This workshop is a 10 Module program.  Is a step by step transformation that builds on the skills and competencies of a new boss into an effective LEADER. This program provides the participant with assessments, feedback, and insights that are key for a new leader.  The workshop is EXPERIENTIAL, in the classroom and in their working environment.  The participants are provided the tools, the use them in class; as they go back to work, they are required to use them in their everyday activities and interactions.   We offer a coaching process to ensure continuous improvement after the workshop (optional).

* Team Building

This program is a process designed based on the need of the customer.  It is a team alignment process that ensure the members of a team work  and enjoy synergy in order to accomplish the organizational goals and create effectiveness.  We use one or more assessments together with staff interviews to ensure the process provide value and create the results the client needs.

*  Supervising “Business Class” Service  

We have all been through different levels of customer service experiences in our lives from extraordinary to substandard. However, when we experience extraordinary service, we consciously share and recommend this “organization” to others.  In today’s business environment, with the many moving pieces, customers (clients and consumers) have in many ways the last word.  As service providers, we need to understand our power and how our behavior can affect our customer’s decisions in a positive or negative way.  As business owners and leaders, we have a key role in this process, we have the power and the responsibility to create a culture that breathes CARE and RESPECT for everyone.

*  “Business Class” Service

In this course, we will provide the participants with the tools necessary to create a culture that breaths, Extraordinary Customer experience.  Our system was created to assist our customers with hands on, authentic and proven strategies to delight and retain loyal customers while creating an Excellence culture.

*  Training Trainers and Facilitators

Our training and facilitators programs are based on Adult Learning and provide each participant with the opportunity to gain and/or hone their training and facilitation skills. When conducted in house, the program provides the organization with tools to support their internal processes and trainers.

     *  Training Programs Delivery

This program is for inexperienced or experienced trainers whose duties include present programs and provide training to small or large groups.

      *  Facilitating Decision Making

This workshop was designed to provide the participants with the tools to facilitate programs or decision making projects for their organizations.











*  The Power of your Professional Image

*  The 4 Secrets to Recruit Keeper

*  The 5 Things Customer Want